The automated cameraman for sports

Usportfor is a company for athletes by athletes. Our goal is to give the 99% of the athletes the same visibility as the 1% top athletes. Using the automated cameraman of Usportfor you can record and broadcast live matches.

How does it work?

Step 1

Stitching the screens

Step 2

Straightening the images

Step 3

Automatically follow the game




Usportfor app

Watch all live matches and recaps on the Usportfor app. Download the app for Android and iOS for your smart phone.

Usportfor App iOSUsportfor App Android

Live stream from the club website

Stream live games from your club website via our plugin. Connect your whole club by broadcasting every game.

Quick start

Step 1

Installation Usportfor Camerasystem.

Step 2

Connect to the Usportfor platform.

Step 3

Schedule unlimited games and training sessions.

Step 4

Stream live and look back games.

Step 5

Download and analyse games.

The benefits of Usportfor

Footage belongs to the club

All footage rights belong to the club. Usportfor has exclusive rights to use the footage.

Trainers and coaches

The footage is perfect for video analysis due to specialised algorithm monitoring all field players in one shot.

Players and fans

Engage local fans and supporters through broadcasting games live and highlights ont he club website or other media channels.

Increase club income

Increase club revenue through ads during live broadcasting and highlights of the matches.

Free demo

Do you want to take your club to the next level? Contact us for a free demo.

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Support: 085 – 022 08 22

Adress: Willebrordusstraat 8, 3037 TR, Rotterdam

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