Increase Enjoyment in Sports

Usportfor makes the tools from professional sports available to anyone. The Usportfor camera system allows you to automatically record every matches and practice sessions with high and constant quality. This footage is used for live streaming, video analysis and increases player and fan engagement. This way clubs can strengthen their relationship with players, sponsors, family and fans.

How does it work?

Step 1

Install the required hardware, Usportfor will upload the software remotely.

Step 2

Schedule the game!

Step 3

Use the video:

“We use the video material for the development of the players of our selection. The recreational player find the fun factor more important. With the automated camera it is easy to meet federation requirements.”

Marco Bravenboer – Head of Youth Academy, Excelsior Maassluis

“Broadcasting matches gives our sponsors more exposure and it gives us extra opportunities to attract new sponsors.”

Richard de Niet – Board Member, DSVP

‘’The automatic camera allows our analysts to fully focus on analyzing. After the matches, we directly upload the footages in our analysing tools.’’

Kas Eupen, Mario Kohnen – Performance Analist

Automated camera for team sports

Record games fully automated in high quality video. The video’s are excellent for video analysis and live streaming. You can record matches from all angles by placing a camera on the middle line with the opportunity to expand the system with camera’s on the short sides. The automated camera is available for Football, Hockey, Rugby, Basketball en Handball.

Video Analysis

Overview of the field

The automated camera follows all the field players and provides an excellent overview of the match and the positions of the players.


Performance improvements

Improve the performance of your team by analysing video of training exercises and matches.


Usportfor Annotation tool

Use the annotation tool to high light and evaluate important situations from the match for evaluation.

Increase Visibility

Open platform

Benefit from Usportfor’s open platform. The video rights belong to the club. You can use the video for public sharing or to use it for private use in the club.


Club TV

Usportfor helps broadcasting matches on your website. You can do this by using our plugin on you website or via a link to your club page on the Usportfor site.


Social Media

Share your best goals and actions on social media fast and easy from the download, website or Usportfor app.


Usportfor app

Download the Usportfor app, follow your favourite clubs and watch live matches and the best sports moments.


Benefits for the entire club

Footage belongs to the club

All footage rights belong to the club. Usportfor has exclusive rights to use the footage and we will help to broadcast the footage.

Trainers and coaches

The footage is perfect for video analysis due to specialised algorithm monitoring all field players in one shot.

Players and fans

Engage local fans and supporters through broadcasting football games live and highlights on the club website and other media channels.

Increase club income

Increase club revenue through ads during live broadcasting and highlights of the matches.

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