How it works

Step 1

Stitching of the screens

Step 2

Straightening the images

Step 3

Automatically follow the game

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Ice hockey

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Quick start

Step 1

Installation Usportfor camera system

We install the Usportfor camera system of your chosen subscription at your pitch or in your gym

Step 2

Connect to Usportfor platform

Using our own software, called Real Time Image Analyzer, we set up a connection to our Usportfor platform

Step 3

Stream live and look back games

Using our Usportfor app and plugin you can watch live games and look back games from the club website or from your smartphone

Step 4

Download and analyze games from you private club dashboard

Download the video from your own private club dashboard and analyze the played matches

Why Usportfor

  • Community

    • Build your own community
    • Broadcast all your favorite sport moments
    • Connect with your region
    • Easily accessible for everyone

  • Broadcasting

    • Live broadcasting
    • Recaps & Highlights
    • Free app and plugin
    • Shared income from sponsors

  • Service

    • Service & maintenance for the camera systems
    • Connect to external analysis tools
    • Footage is owned by the club
    • Join fast and easy

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