Customers Usportfor benefit from pro-active network monitoring

All Usportfor clients are monitored by Zabbix, a pro-active monitoring system, for a reliable performance monitoring of the camera system and distribution of the footage.

The fully automated Usportfor monitoring system became operational. By using the software solution of Usportfor customers can automatically record sport games for analyse games, improve performance, broadcast live matches and social media posts of the youngsters. The Usportfor software works on pre-defined hardware configurations.

The monitoring system continuously monitors the availability of the different components of the camera system. When issues are encountered the system will pro-actively notify the relevant people to take appropriate action. The architecture of the network monitoring system is similar to the architecture used for global emergency networks with tools like UNMS and Zabbix.

By investing in a robust network monitoring system, customers will be notified before they encounter issues with their Usportfor Camera system. This way not only the quality of the footage, but also the availability of the Usportfor Camera system is of the highest standards.

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