Digitalising team sports

Usportfor signs a collaboration with Gemeente Rotterdam.

Moment of signing Living Lab with Councilor de Lange. | Photo © Charles Batenburg

Future-proof sports clubs

Gemeente Rotterdam wants more future-proof sport clubs. The main goal of the initiative Living Lab is to attract more youth to the sports clubs. By integrating technology and sports, sports should be more attractive for the youth. Clubs use the Living Lab to put excercises from games in practice.

Kevin Vink, CEO Usportfor
“I find it interesting to see the fast developments in technology at sports clubs. The youth are 24/7 online, in exception when they practice sports. We want to fill this gap by integrating technology and sports. I expect to have filled this gap in 2 years.”

Development of esports

The developments in digitalising sports is going fast. Competitive gaming has experienced an extreme growth. Professional sports clubs already invest in esports, gamification, e-learning and data. Gemeente Rotterdam wants to invest in these fields as well by researching possibilities to integrate technology and sports in a ‘Living Lab’.


Collaboration Living lab

During the Rotterdam Games Week in Rotterdam Ahoy, the Gemeente Rotterdam has taken the initiative to collaborate with different parties to experiment in a Living Lab. The partner in this initiative are Usportfor, Hogeschool Rotterdam, Albeda, House of Esports, Trust, Rotterdam Ahoy, Erasmus Esports, Sportbedrijf Rotterdam, Rotterdam Topsport, Rotterdam Sportsupport and the Gemeente Rotterdam.

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