Mahd Sports Academy chooses for automatic cameras from Usportfor 

29 december 2021


The government in Saudi Arabia has launched an ambitious program to increase the sporting activity of its population. Top sport events are brought to Saudi Arabia for this, such as the Dakar race and Spanish and Italian Super Cup competitions. In addition, a program has been started to recognize talent early and to guide these talents to gold medals at major sporting events such as: world championships and the Olympic Games. The responsible Mahd Academy has inaugurated the first sports complex in Riyadh, more complexes across the kingdom will follow in the next 2 years.

One of the spearheads of the Madh Academy is to make maximum use of advanced sportstechnology to guide the athletes to the top as efficiently as possible. Madh Academy has opted for the automatic camera systems from Usportfor for recording training sessions and competitions. To begin with, 10 camera systems will be installed in the sports complex in Riyadh.

Kevin Vink CEO of Usportfor says: ”We are very proud that such an ambitious organization with top coaches and trainers has chosen Usportfor. This assignment is entirely in line with our ambitions to become the market leader outside the Netherlands as well.”

Over the next 2 years, the number of systems will continue to grow with the use of the other sports complexes of the Madh Academy. It is a very innovative project in which our technology plays an essential role.

Madh Sports Academy

The Mahd Sports Academy is one of the largest sports academies in the world. The aim of Madh Sports Academy is to recognize young sports talent and to create a golden generation of Saudi Arabian champions in the coming years. The first Madh Sports Academy facilities are in Riyadh and more will follow across the Kingdom. Click on the link for more information about Mahd Sports Academy (


Usportfor is a sports tech company specialized in software to automatically record sports matches for game improvement, live streaming and allow players and fans to create clips for their social media accounts. From Dutch amateur clubs to English Premier League clubs choose Usportfor to increase their visibility and analysis of matches and to provide the players with images for their social media accounts.

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