Smart camera’s at 4 fields in Rotterdam

Ronald van Ombergen (l) and Kevin Vink (r) conclude the agreement at the Cruijff Court Afrikaanderplein

The government made a deal for the sports agreement with social organisations. The goal of the agreement is to stimulate children to exersise more. Sportbedrijf Rotterdam and the Gemeente Rotterdam have ordered 4 camera systems at Usportfor to enable the youth to record their sports performance and share these images on their social media. 2 systems will be installed at sport clubs and the other 2 systems will be installed at Cruijff Courts.

Every football player in Rotterdam has showed their skills at a square in a match or by developing freestyle skills. Usportfor and Sportbedrijf Rotterdam will enable that these moments can be shared. By installing ‘smart’ camera systems the football players can record their matches and skills and share these moments via their social media.

A start will be made in the period 6 – 27 June around the NK Cruijff in Rotterdam on the temporary Cruijff Court on Schouwburgplein. After this the camera systems will be installed at the Afrikaanderplein in Feijenoord and the other camera systems will be installed at a square at Prins Alexander or Rotterdam North. By adding these innovations to the Cruijff Courts, Usportfor and Sportbedrijf Rotterdam are trying to stimulate the youth to exercise more at these courts.

The camera will work after scanning a QR code at the court via an app. Within the app you can then choose different options ranging from recording competitions to zooming in for skills. By adding gamification software, competitions can be set up between different squares in the long term.

The development of the software is made possible by the Gemeente Rotterdam and Living Labs. As a result, in addition to the 2 cameras on the Cruijff courts, camera’s will also be installed at Sportpark Olympia (multi-sports field American Football and football) and in the Sporthal de Wielewaal.

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