Usportfor and MixTMT sign partnership

The digital sports innovation solutions company MixTMT has selected Usportfor for the automated recording and live streaming of sports games.

Both sides will become strategic partners. MixTMT is provider of digital sports event streaming services in China, aiming to offer comprehensive media coverage for sports event viewers.

Why choose for Usportfor

As MixTMT explains, MixTMT has compared about 20 automated camera solutions available on the global market. Usportfor was selected, because of the following reasons:

  1. The quality of the images of the Usportfor camera system is at the top of the market. The images can, without much editing directly be used for broadcasting.
  2. Usportfor is specialized in software, the camera and computer hardware can be ordered locally. This makes the roll out and scaling up much easier and more cost efficient. This is not only important for installation, but also for maintenance.
  3. The Usportfor algorithm not only supports football, but is also used for other sports like Field Hockey, Handball and Basketball.
  4. The international Dutch and Usportfor atmosphere made it easier to agree business terms and the state relations between Europe and China are good and constructive.

“Hardware can be purchased locally in China, saving the time cost and maintenance cost of cross-border hardware transportation.”


The first camera system will be installed shortly and the Usportfor software will be deployed and calibrated from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. When the pilot is successful the camera systems will be rolled out for a wide variety of sports broadcasting in China.

Usportfor is a sporttech company for athletes by athletes. We give 99% of the athletes the same tools and visibility as the 1% top athletes. Using the software of Usportfor you can analyse games, improve performance, broadcast live matches and connect with the young players.

MixTMT is a digital sports innovation technology and solutions company located in China. MixTMT is invested and built by CDV Group. The original intention of its establishment is to see the huge potential of many digital sports innovative technology in the sports industry, especially in the Chinese market and the Asian market. CDV Group is a large-scale enterprise group located in China, which directly or indirectly owns hundreds of companies and multiple venture capital funds, it has begun to layout in the field of sports industry, and has set up many new companies in succession, adhering to openness, innovation and cooperation, its vision is to contribute to the development of sports industry and to empower China sports industry with science and technology.

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