Video Analysis and Live stream for Football

How does it work?

Step 1

Stitching and straightening of the video

Step 2

Live streaming and upload footage

Step 3

Watch and analyse matches

Put the entire football club on the map

Record unlimited football games and training exercises. Put the entire football club on the map by broadcasting all teams, from senior to youth level.


Schedule football matches and download the matches in your own personal Club Dashboard.

You can choose between Private and Public mode. Public mode will be broadcasted live and private matches will be for your personal use only.


Annotate live matches and discuss the annotated moments in the half time break or immediately after the game. You can also choose to annotate the matches afterwards.

Download the annotated moments fast and simple from the Club Dashboard and share these moments on social media.

Benefits for the entire club

Footage belongs to the football club

All footage rights belong to the football club. Usportfor has exclusive rights to use the footage and we will help to broadcast the footage.

Trainers and coaches

The footage is perfect for video analysis due to specialised algorithm monitoring all field players in one shot.

Players and fans

Engage local fans and supporters through broadcasting football games live and highlights on the club website and other media channels.

Increase club income

Increase club revenue through ads during live broadcasting and highlights of the matches.

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