Sports clubs benefit from collaboration between ZPRESS Media Group and Usportfor

Nowadays a lot of sports clubs are looking for video images of their activities on the club. These video images can be used to share on communication channels of the club and to improve the performance of (youth) players. By using the video images the club will reach current and potential members in the direct surroundings of the club.

Usportfor will help clubs by installing an automated camera system to record matches! The club will have access to the most recent recordings of the played matches, training exercises and other club activities. The video images are very popular but for clubs the investment can be financially out of reach.

To give these clubs a helping hand with the investment Usportfor has started a (pilot) collaboration with ZPRESS Media Group. This experienced specialist in print and media will finance the investment in exchange for advertising time during the broadcasted matches. Like this the club will only have to finance the license fee and the club will be owner of the video images of the recorded matches.

The Usportfor camera system offers sports clubs the opportunity to stream live and to re-experience goals and actions. How often do you think as an athlete: ‘Did you see my goal? What did you think of my action?’. Via Usportfor you can watch back the recorded matches and share the goals and actions with your family, friends and fans!

Furthermore, the camera system can be used to create awareness and more sympathy for the club. Also you, as an advertisier, will offer a contribution to the newest developments at the club. This is a valuable medium for players and businesses for and around the club!

Usportfor is a sporttech company specialised in software to automatically record matches to stream. Sports clubs use the camera system to create more awareness, evaluate matches with players and to connect to the next generation by providing them video images for their social media accounts.

ZPRESS is for more than 30 years a renowned company in the Dutch sports industrie in the field of print and media. They are looking forward to start this pilot and to offer a contribution to the newest developments at sports clubs.

For more information you can contact: Kevin Vink, CEO Usportfor (E:, T: +31 (0)10 74 10 073) or Perry van Wijk, ZPRESS Media Group (E:, T: +31 (0)78 700 12 57)

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